The vacation was wonderful and everything worked perfectly

Bahari Beach Hotel: The hotel is really great. We even got a honeymoon upgrade 😉 All employees are really nice, very courteous and very attentive and the facility is very well maintained. A few extreme Covid measures were implemented, which were perhaps a bit exaggerated (staff must always wear plastic gloves plus visor and MNS at 35 degrees), but overall we felt very comfortable. Severin Safari Camp: 5 out of 5 ***** The camp is amazing. Everything just fits here. Employees, restaurant, Maasai security, pool, landscape, etc. The complex is really a dream. Our tent was near a watering hole so we could see elephants and zebras up close. Overall, the time there was a real experience and we would have liked to have stayed a little longer. Shimba Hills Lodge: We were the only guests there and were also upgraded to a suite. Here too we were looked after very well. The manager was particularly warm and the house in the middle of the forest is very unusual and exciting. Safari: Overall, the 4 days were perfectly planned. Our driver Evans was super friendly and funny, spoke German quite well and explained a lot. We particularly liked that the safari not only consisted of "watching animals", but there were also some other highlights such as the champagne reception or swimming in the waterfall. The Sands at Chale Island: We spent 10 days there in the hotel and we were absolutely thrilled again. The first few days there were very few guests, so the choice of dishes was reduced a bit. When more travelers were there, there was even a buffet. We enjoyed that very much, as we were able to experience a certain normalcy again there. Of course, sufficient hygiene measures were taken in the hotel. The facility is heavenly and all employees take care of you and everything with their full commitment. You can only get to the island by boat or tractor, which is of course very adventurous and funny. The Africa fever definitely grabbed us and we have to say that it was the best decision to travel there despite Corona. We would recommend everyone to take such a trip now, because as soon as you step on African soil you immediately feel better, more relaxed and safe. People really don't need to be afraid. You are welcome to pass this on to future and possibly sensitive customers 🙂 We are really enthusiastic and would like to thank you very much for the professional handling and the always friendly contact.

Theresa S.
A big thank you!

Dear Severin Team, Firstly we arrived home approx 15 hours later than our scheduled time. Lufhansa arranged Hotel and Taxi to and from the Airport, so considering everything things went quite well. We would like to thank you for your support during our time at Franfurt Airport. With regard to our holiday it more than lived up to our expectations, your service, your staff and your proffesionalism. All of which gave us a holiday of a lifetime. We would like to give special thanks to our Safari Guide/Driver Peter (Sorry dont know his surname). His knowledge, and his ability to spot all the animals was outstanding. The only critisim that we have is that we thought that maybe the visit to Lake Naivasha should be changed. We arrived after a very long drive, it was quite cold and we had some rain. So we did not book any boat trip. The lodge was very good, service food etc was of a very high standard. But to travel all that way, eat sleep and travel all the way to Masai Mara early the next morning was for us unesessary. We would rather have had an extra day at Masai Mara. Apart from that we were very happy with our Safari. All of the Camps and Lodges had a very high standard both in accomadation, food and service. Our favourit was definately Kilima Camp at Masai Mara with its spectacular view of the Mara river, we could have spent another night there. We enjoyed it so much. Our week at Severin Sea Lodge, was great, a really relaxing week. The food, accomadation facilities and the friendly staff. We visited the Dhow restaurant during our stay, the food and service were very good, and we would like to give special thanks to Benson for looking after us. Finally we would like to say thank you to all the staff at Severin for making our holiday a special experience for us. We will certainly reccomend to all of our friends and hopefully we will see you again in the not to distant future.

Bruce M.
Many thanks!

Dear Severin Travel Team, We want to say Thank You one again for your efforts regarding the organisation and execution of our journey. Also our second journey with Severin Travel was a total success. A special Thank You to our guide Domiano who accompanied us during our 8-days safari. The days with him were interesting, we saw and experienced a lot. Even though the route wasn't always comfortable, the diverse landscapes and the wideness of Africa absolutely enthused us. The excursion to Lake Naivasha wasn't exactly what we had expected, but we were and still are so happy with our safari. We were lucky enough to see all the Big Five, it was just wonderful - we would do it again. After our safari we had bathing holidays at Bahari Beach Hotel. Here as well service and food were good to very good. On 09.03.16 we went home totally relaxed. Once again a huge Thank You vor everything, especially to Mr. Kitchen - We will come back for sure!

Bernhard & Monika F.
A complete success!

Dear Severin Team, After some tumultuous days after our holidays in Africa, we now want to thank you so much for the preparation and realization of our journey. Also our second trip with Severin Travel was a huge success! We really got to see the Big Five (amongst them 4 rhinos at Ngorongoro Crater), stayed in great lodges/camps and afterwards had relaxing days at the Indian Ocean on Zanzibar. After our arrival at Rivertrees Hotel we were informed by really friendly employees and prepared for our safari. Our guide Tom was amazing. He had a really good generel knowledge, perfect knowledge about flora and fauna and additionally is a really nice and happy guy. The days with him were interesting and entertaining and again and again we learned new things about Africa. The complete safari was perfectly organized by your team and the lodges/camps extraordinary. We especially want to bring out our stay at Lake Masek Tented Camp where we were the only guests and treated great. Even the beverages were free of charge! So the hippo we met on our way to the luxurious tent (with bath tub) didn't disturb us. At Mapito Tented Camp we were enthused by the hospitality and the food. On our 44th wedding day they even put a heart of flowers on our bed. The highlight was the Plantation Lodge were we stayed overnight for three days in a huge suite we received as a free of charge upgrade. On Zanzibar at Karafuu Resort we additionally booked a Junior Suite and this was really worth it. We absolutely recommend it! As you can read, it was a great journey for us - also because of your perfect organization. If we will ever return to Africa, then without a doubt only with Severin Travel.

Inge and Harald F.
Asante Sana to the whole team

Dear Severin Team, I want to again thank you so much for your efforts. Everything was great and we really were enthused! I started my training at a Swiss travel agency and had a really good education, especially with regard to service. I was trained to give the guests a WOW experience. But I miss this so-called WOW effect with many companies and you nearly never find it. At this point I not only want to praise the company Severin but also all, really ALL staff members at Severin Sea Lodge and Camp. I was surprised how nice, helpful and commited the staff is - and this from the waiter to the boss at the camp! I also want to give some recommendations here: At Severin Camp there is a man called "Chitimba". From my point of view you should advance him! He cares for the guest so well and I think he's a great entertainer for the client without losing his focus on his job. I looked at Google and he also is often mentioned by many other guests on Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck. I think he dreams of being a part of the animation team. And I would directly make him the animation leader as he is a genius. I ask you to forward it directly to the camp. My colleague also loved your place and has assured that he will definitely come back. But I also have a little criticism/note: The last times and also during this trip we had really good drivers during our game drives. But even though nobody is responsible for it the animals kingdom wasn't that good this time. No offense to anybody. But during our last game drives the drivers had a walkie-talkie and could speak to the drivers nearby. With this you directly increase the chance for the clients to see rare animals. So I recommend to also have the walkie-talkies in the jeeps. But I also want to praise our driver, as with his eagle eye he really conviced us that he was doing his best and showed us the beautiful diversity of Kenya. So again a big ASANTE SANA to the whole team - it was as we were used to and definitely not the last time!

Simon K.
Asante Sana for this great holiday

It now was my 5th stay at Severin Sea Lodge. You are always welcomed here, but I believe, you know that. You meet so many repeating guests and the atmosphere is really cordial. Last year in September I had the feeling that the service had a little bit decreased but I guess the lack of guests was the reason for this. I only recognized little things but it wasn't the way I was used to. But my last stay proved that this only was a "little dropout" - thank God. The service again was as good as I knew it. A huge praise especially to the staff, they all are so friendly and helpful. Just after having arrived you feel at home. From the gardeners and the animation team, to the waiters, the cooks, the security guards as well as the people in front and behind of the reception - they all have a friendly word and are at hand just when you need them. And I also like the facilities and the concept. You don't feel as if you were caged in a huge hotel bunker but can enjoy the wonderful garden. The rooms are spacious and tastefully designed. Another important reason to feel welcomed here. Another thing I appreciate is that also many guests from Africa are guests of the hotel. I really like being amongst other people than only Germans because otherwise I also could just stay at home. A great thank-you to the hotel that you make my stay a special experience every time. For sure it hasn't been my last journey to Severin Sea Lodge.

Katja S.
We and Tsavo National Park

We had the opportunity to stay at Severin Safari Camp from 27.10. till 31.10.2014. An unforgettable experience! We still talk about it every single day. The Kibo Suite is just a dream, many thanks that we could experience that! The Severin Safari Camp is an oasis of peace and balsam for your soul. We really could recreate there and everything was just perfekt. The accommodation, the atmosphere and especially the friendly service. All employees were so friendly, always smiling, always a kind word. We really fell so well, it's a total package. The feeling of beaing alone in Tsavo, the wonderful landscapes and the great accommodation. For sure we have seen less animals than in Masai Mara, but a landscape that cannot described with words. We always had the feeling that there's only us and nature. In my travel agency I also rave about my stay, and I do really hope that I will be able to send many guests to Severin Safari Camp. Everyone should have heard the roaring of the lions during night... Thank you once again and I hope we'll see you again soon

Tina and Gerd M.
Jambo... from Africa

Dear Mr. Kitchen, Jambo from Africa.... After a luxurious transfer (1 driver and 1 guide!!!!!) we arrived satiesfied on Zanzibar. The Blue Oyster is a little paradise, and we really felt well here. The clocks go quite slow, but we already noticed that during our 10 days of safari. We had an amazing safari with a wonderful guide, which guided us through 1600 km of phenomenal landscape and animals kingdom. We saw all the Big 5 even though the last missing one was spotted from quite far away at Ngorongoro Crater... the Rhino - but it was there! The accommodations were wonderful in all their difference, best of them the Kati Kati and the Tingitana Tented Camp in "splendid isolation" - only the two of us allone in the second night. On our first morning, the giraffes welcomed us in near distance, on the second morning the zebras. Really impressing! Even though the routes weren't comfortable all the time, the higher north of Serengeti with its complete different landscapes really impressed us. We even were lucky enough to experience two crossings over the Mara River, and the guide told us that you'lll never know where and when the crossings will take place. This as a sign of live and a short report from Zazibar.

Dagmar O.
Our perfect Kenya holidays

Dear Mrs. Cantauw, Your reliable and well working planning, your excellent recommendations and finalle our journey itself have made these holidays to a real dream journey! It took years to convince my wife to travel to Africa, but these holidays allayed all her concerns. She's already planning our next trip to Africa (and so do I as well). Actually, I could now write an essay with the topic "What was your most beautiful holiday experience" but this email won't be sufficient. It's also impossible to say which highlights were the greatest. We have seen the Big Four and thousands of other animals including the Mara crossing (I bought a rhino in a shop ;-)), stayed overnight in wonderful camps/lodges and discovered the great beauty and diversity of the national parks (Tsavo West, Amboseli and Masai Mara). The guide was really nice and friendly and full of knowledge. Thanks to your Guest Relations Manager at Severin Sea Lodge, Mr. James Boho, I was able to buy the delicious passion fruit marmelade which was specially bottled in the kitchen just for me. It might be an idea to sell Kenyan specialities in the shops as souvenirs. I Another big thank you for this perfect organisation of our holidays!

Inge and Harald F.
Many thanks for this wonderful holiday experience

Unfortunately our wonderful journey to Kenya which was booked with you by our travel agency has already come to an end. I know one thing for sure - a safari is absolutely MY kind of holidays! We enjoyed it so much that we hope, we can come back next year - but this time we would like to spend some more days at Severin Safari Camp and relax there instead of bathing holidays. It has been the most beautiful camp during our journey! Besides the exciting safari that we had (we truly believe we had the best guide ever because he seemed to have spy glasses instead of eyes) my personal highlight was visiting the elephant orphanage in Nairobi and afterwards - which is only possible after having adopted one of these animals - the visit of the release station in Voi. There I have directly adopted another elephant baby. At the nursery with all those little elephant orphants I couldn't decide on a special animal, but at the release station it became easy.. Because one of the little babies directly came to me and wanted a hug and followed me all the time (as the keepers told me, elephants normally don't do that to foreigners)... Then I couldn't resist, so I really HAVE to come back! Many thanks again for this great holiday - we will for sure book with you again!

S. Heyder
A wonderful time at the camp!

After having returned from our holidays in Kenya we feel the strong need to say thank you to you as the owner of Severin Safari Camp in Tsavo West National Park! We have spent three great and exciting days there, experienced perfect service bearing all the marks of the German managing couple, even if Manja Seifert and Jürgen Pietz haven't been on site. It was our first trip to Kenya and therefore also our first safari. We have booked with TUI and went to Severin Safari Camp from 6. - 8. June. Even the welcome with wet flavoured cloth was an enjoyment and refreshment. The check-in was as quick and without problems as it was moving into the wonderful and comfortable tents. We had to carry no single piece of luggage, there was always a helping hand. For every meal there were clean and nicely decorated tables, always in accord with nature. All staff members were smiling at every time, this was really great. We would like to say a special thank you to the massai who were there at every time from 7 pm till dawn. Also talking to them was especially valuable. Equally fantastic and professional were the massages at KENBALI Spa. Even little problems like a wasp sting didn't matter anymore after a 1-hour massage. A huge praid to the whole team! We are also very thankful for the unique experience of the sundowner at Poacher's Lookout. Sparkling wine with canapées and music from "East of Africa", accompanied by a couple who had just married - this was really heart-warming. And here again the perfectly prepared team of Severin Safari Camp with their outstanding service Our huge respect for and congratulations to the camp, you can be proud of each and everyone on site

R. Egermann
We have been absolutely happy!

But this would of course be a little bit too easy... ​After the flight and the arrival in the late evening we were cordially received at the reception with cold drinks. Five minutes later we were handed over our room key and a nice staff member accompanied us to our room no. 173. The comfort room was just a dream. Spacious, light, clean and with a great view over the pool to the ocean. The next morning we were woken up by the naughty but sweet monkeys on our balcony. We were looking forward to unforgettable and great days and evenings at a beautiful beach and this special hotel. We enjoyed every breakfast with delicious Kenyan coffee and fresh mango, papaya and passionfruit. Elvis, Safari and Hare from the animation team did a great job and were all about fun. Thank you!!! For dinner, all employees in the restaurant did their best and decorated the tables with candles and flowers. There always was a fantastic choice of fish, meat and great vegetables from the hotel's own bio farm. In the evenings where we ate à la carte we also were offered a wonderful menu with best service. We soon became friends with Reginah, the bar tender at the beach and won't forget her... not only because she made the best cappucchino we ever had. With Benson, the taxi driver of our trust, we made wonderful excursions to Mombasa and the surroundings. Thank you Benson! The vanilla from the market smells great. We won't forget the wonderful time we spent at Severin Sea Lodge and will recommend the hotel to all our friends and family.

Uta & Werner