1968 - First journey to Mombasa

Rudolf Schulte senior, nature lover and passionate hunter, travels to Kenya with his family for the first time in 1968. The Sauerland entrepreneur, co-owner of Severin Elektrogeräte , falls in love with the wonderful landscapes, the friendly people and the summerly temperatures. His desire for a second home in Kenya grows.

1970 - Purchase of “Bamburi Inn” at the Indian Ocean

Rudolf finds a 15,000 sqm beach plot with two holiday houses north of Mombasa, called "Bamburi Inn". He feels at home here! As a sociable person he builds several bungalows and a 24-hour bar for his friends. He calls his second home "Severin Sea Lodge".

1972 - Opening of Severin Sea Lodge

Severin Sea Lodge officially opened its doors with a big celebration on 15th December 1972. Kenyan politicians, ambassadors and friends congratulate the visionary on his investment. With 30 rooms in ten traditional round bungalows, a restaurant and a large swimming pool, the hideaway has been delighting its international guests from Kenya and Europe right from the start.

1973 - Severin Schulte crosses Africa

In a VW bus Rudolf's eldest son crosses the African continent from Sundern to Mombasa with three friends. The adventure lasts four months and 14,500 kilometres. Via Gibraltar, Algiers and then across the Sahara and along the equator to Kenya. Severin Schulte gets to know ten African countries personally on this trip.

1975 - Construction of a 2-story building with 16 rooms

In the absence of the Schulte family, a charming Austrian takes care of guests and staff. But after only a short time, the investment made full of confidence threatens to become an object of depreciation. A consulted hotel professional advises either to sell or to expand. As a man of action the Sauerländer Schulte decides on growth and a 2-storey building with further 16 rooms is erected.

1978 - Severin Sea Lodge is extended to 180 rooms

Only three years after the first extension Rudolf Schulte sen. buys a neighbouring property of the same size. In the middle of a palm garden and in the typical architectural style of the coast, the lodge is expanded to an economically reasonable hotel size of 180 rooms.

1979 - Foundation of SeRudo Reise GmbH (today Severin Touristik GmbH) in Sundern

In the meantime, more and more regular customers contact the German headquarters and ask, for example, to reserve their favourite room. Together with his sons Severin and Rudolf, Schulte decides to take over the marketing of Severin Sea Lodge from now on. On 20th December 1979, Severin Touristik GmbH was founded, under the name SeRudo Reise GmbH at that time.

1980 - Participation at the “Reisebüro Röhrtal” in Sundern

And also the requests for flights from Germany to Mombasa continue to increase. Therefore, Severin Touristik GmbH takes over 50% of the shares of the travel agency Röhrtal in Sundern. Finally, regular guests can be helped directly from the company headquarters. Unfortunately, the founding father of Severin Sea Lodge, Rudolf Schulte sen, also dies this year. His sons inherit the tourism company. As the oldest son, Severin Schulte now takes over the management of the company, as he also fell in love with his second home country Kenya as a child.

1984 - Opening of the specialty restaurant Imani Dhow

The Imani Dhow, an original Arab merchant ship, "strands" on the property of Severin Sea Lodge. It is converted into a seafood speciality restaurant and quickly becomes an insider tip for culinary delights on the Kenyan coast.

1986 - First group tours to Kenya

For the first time Severin Touristik organizes its own group trips to Kenya via its own agency number. They are often accompanied personally by Severin and Cornelia Schulte. The combination of hotel stay and safari is enjoying rapidly growing popularity.

1987 - Opening of Sunline Tennis Center next to the hotel

In order to satisfy the guests' desire for perfect relaxation in the palm garden of Severin Sea Lodge as well as for sporting activities, the Sunline Tennis Center with the Galana Steak House opens its doors next to the hotel.

1989 - Complete renovation of Comfort Class

For the first time since the opening of Severin Sea Lodge, the Comfort Class room category is completely renovated. With carved Lamu style wood furniture, local flooring and a renovated bathroom, the hotel now offers guests all the amenities they expect from Severin Sea Lodge.

1991 - First Kenya visit of Sebastian Severin Schulte

Sebastian Severin Schulte - together with his family - flies to Kenya for the first time when he is just 3 years old. On the occasion of his first visit to Severin Sea Lodge, a palm tree is planted which still stands today. Even as a toddler he feels very much at home here.

1992 - Implementation of the own wastewater treatment plant

Due to their love for Kenya, the owner family Schulte longs for sustainability and environmental protection in order to conserve the country's resources and preserve them for many years to come. For this reason, Severin Sea Lodge implements its own biological wastewater treatment plant for all wastewater - the first at the Kenyan coast.

1993 - Take-over of the hotel’s own SeBa Farm with organic cultivation

Only one year later, the SeBa farm located 30 km away is taken over. It supplies the kitchen of Severin Sea Lodge with fruits, vegetables and herbs from purely organic cultivation. Severin Sea Lodge regularly receives numerous awards for its convincing commitment to environmental protection for this and further steps towards greater sustainability.

1995 - Opening of TUI ReiseCenter Sundern (today FIRST Reisebüro Severin Travel)

The Schulte family buys a plot of land at the town hall in Sundern and builds a multi-storey mixed-use property. In this property, the 55 room Sunderland Hotel and the travel agency, at that time still called TUI ReiseCenter, open their doors. The management and the German sales office of Severin Sea Lodge also move into the state-of-the-art office space at the new company headquarters in the heart of the Sauerland.

1997 - Celebration of 25th Anniversary of Severin Sea Lodge

Despite the political unrest in the election year of the young Republic of Kenya, regular guests and staff celebrate the 25th anniversary of Severin Sea Lodge with the owners. As they firmly believe in the future of the country, they toast another 25 successful years at a gala evening.

2000 - Take-Over of Jahazi Marine in Mombasa

Severin Sea Lodge takes over the very successful excursion company Jahazi Marine with its famous Sound & Light Show at Fort Jesus in Mombasa. Over the next few years, Severin Sea Lodge will operate its own dhows and safari vehicles under the Severin Kenya brand. With tailor-made travel programs, the guests can enjoy the beauty of Kenya in a unique way.

2001 - Opening of Severin Safari Camp at Tsavo West Nationalpark

In spring, a small advertisement of the Kenya Wildlife Service appears in a Kenyan daily newspaper. The Kitani Bandas at Tsavo West National Park are advertised for a new lease. Although the object is totally ruined, Severin Schulte recognizes the beautiful location, and the immense animal wealth of the park is more than promising. With a motivated team of experts, Severin Safari Camp is being built in just 100 days next to the newly renovated Kitani Bandas. The perfect combination of adventure and luxury in the midst of breathtaking nature.

2003 - Renaming of SeRudo Reise GmbH to Severin Touristik GmbH

Severin Schulte takes over 100% of the shares in the tourism company in Sundern. SeRudo Reise GmbH is now called Severin Touristik GmbH.

2004 - Ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro

Together with three friends, Severin Schulte climbs the Machame Route to the 5,895 m high Uhuru Peak. Despite challenging trekking, the beautiful landscape with its crossing of four climate zones rewards all efforts. In the same year Severin Touristik GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary.

2007 - Publication of the Tsavo Trilogy

Together with photographer Nana Grosse-Woodley, Severin Schulte brings out the Tsavo Trilogy. The book is divided into three parts and deals with the history of the Tsavo National Park, shows pictures and drawings of flora and fauna and in the third volume offers space for own notes during the journey together with quotations of famous Africa lovers like Ernest Hemingway. The Tsavo Trilogy is sold by Severin Touristik GmbH.

2008 - Participation at Scenic Air Safaris Ltd.

Together with two partners, Severin Schulte buys a Cessna Grand Caravan - the birth of the company Scenic Air Safaris. The aircraft, equipped with only 8 VIP leather seats, comfortably flies guests to various national parks in East Africa. “Across Africa” is the name of the ultimate flight safari to Victoria Falls.

2009 - Opening of Kenbali Spa

Under the motto "The Freedom of Senses", the Kenbali Wellness & Fitness area opens at both Severin Sea Lodge and Severin Safari Camp. Trained masseuses take the guests on a relaxing journey for body, mind and soul. Professional sports equipment is available for workouts, and in the camp a Ying Yang swimming pool invites you to cool off in the middle of the bush.

2013 - Foundation of Skills for Kenya e.V.

In addition to environmental protection, the Schulte family also wants to face up to social responsibility in Kenya and founds the non-profit association Skills for Kenya e.V. together with some friends. The association supports young Kenyans in their home country in their professional education and training to give them better access to professional life and help them to develop their skills and knowledge. The new brand name Severin Travel Africa combines 40 years of experience and passion for Africa.

2015 - Sebastian Severin Schulte joins the management

The company Severin Touristik GmbH is now managed by the third generation of the Schulte family. Sebastian Severin Schulte discovered his passion for Africa early on and is now joining the management.

2017 - Commissioning of Green Building

The next step in the commitment to sustainability and environmental protection has been taken: through the integration of renewable energy for hot water generation combined with an efficient water desalination plant and effective wastewater and waste management, the Green Building, built on the grounds of Severin Sea Lodge, ensures the efficient and sustainable recycling of energy, water and waste from the hotel.

2018 - Training Start at Severin Craftsman Training Center

The first young people start their training in the newly built Severin Craftsman Training Center. The Training Center in the Green Building aims to impart less theoretical knowledge but more manual skills with immediate added value for the local participants. Based on the dual training system, courses are offered for electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters and metalworkers. The association Skills for Kenya e.V. bears the costs for many of the trainees.

2019 - New Management Team in Kenya

After Léon Noordermeer and Sylvia Rasemann took over the management of Severin Safari Camp last year, the Resident Manager James Owiti hands over the management of Severin Sea Lodge to the new General Manager Martin H. Kolb. James Owiti is retiring after 40 years with the company.