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South Africa, the country that combines the whole word, says "Welkom!"
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Why South Africa?

The landscape is incomparable. There are deserts, endless dry savannas, bushland, rain forests, lagoons and wetlands, high plateaus, average mountains with fructuous valleys and bizarre high mountains. Over 2000 km of coast with countless beaches edge the country, harsh in the west, mediterranean in the east and in the northeast tropical and warm. Modern cities, European comfort, a good infrastructure and a working economy in South Africa conjoin with the nativeness of the Black Continent. South Africa is no country for the quick bathing holidays. It is the destination for the once in a lifetime journey!


South Africa’s popularity has lots of reasons:

– easy availability with only little time difference (October – March + 1 hour)
– uncomplicated entry regulations: valid passport, no visa
– a culinary paradise with low related costs and after everyone’s fancy
– versatile whole-year destination
– tailor-made for everyone: nature, wildlife, sports, enjoyment, lifestyle
– the cordiality of the friendly people
– beach adventure between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean: bathing, diving, snorkelling, surfing, fun at the beach

Travel Season

Good travel time:
January, February, June, July, August
Best travel time:
March, April, May, September, October, November, December

Tips before your Departure


Germans and Austrians need a passport that has to be valid for at least 30 days after leaving the country. Their passports also must have 2 free pages, for a stay of more than 90 days they need a visa. Children and teenagers under 18 have to carry an attested copy of their birth certificate with names of both parents on it when entering or leaving South Africa. The necessary documents have to be in English from 01.06.2015 on and are also needed for transit. Inhabitants of other countries should ask for their respective entry requirements at their responsible Embassy.  


Besides sunscreen and your personal first-aid kit we recommend medicine for diarrhoea due to the climatic change. When entering the country or transit (even if only changing the airplane) through a country declared by WHO as yellow fever endemia area you need the certification of a valid yellow fever inoculation. This applies to travelers entering South Africa from Zambia for example. Please ask your doctor or local health authority before departure. In addition we suggest you invest in a travel health insurance, and will be happy to inform you about it.  


The local currency is the South African Rand (ZAR).  

Time Shift

There is no time shift during the European summer time, during winter time it’s + 1 hour.  


The seasons in South Africa are contrary to the ones in Europe. In the inland, the winters are sunny and dry with moderate temperatures and cool nights, but the summers are hot with lots of thunder showers that increase in frequency the more you get to the north. In Cape Town it’s partly really windy, the nights are cooler. Daily temperatures vary a lot, in summer they can be between 18 and 40° C. In the province KwaZulu-Natal you will find subtropical climate, at the coast there is a high air humidity.  


For days we recommend light and casual clothes for the whole year. For the morning and evening hours, in higher areas, in air-conditioned places and in the winter months warmer clothes (cardigan, pullover) as well as rain clothes can be necessary. For safaris please think of clothes in muted colors, long trousers, long sleeves, headgear as well as comfortable shoes.   Please also remember to take sunscreen and insect-repellant spray. In hotels and restaurants in the evenings, neat clothes are suitable. In some lodges and camps they also ask for neat clothes in the evenings, but normally it’s casual here.  

Day of Departure


South African Airways and Lufthansa fly to Johannesburg daily from Frankfut and Munich. With the connection flights of South African Airways you will reach all other necessary airports like Cape Town or Durban. Additionally there is a flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town several times a week by Condor. We will be glad to advise you on prices for flights in Comfort/Business Class. For a fee of € 30, - we can reserve your preferred seat. We can also reserve a parking place at the airport in advance.  

Security Advice

Please note that you have to be at the check-in counter of your airline at least two hours before your departure. We will be glad to send you some information on your airport. Please remember not to pack any sharp objects into your hand luggage like nail scissors etc.  

Your travel destination


After arriving at your airport in South Africa you will be welcomed by your tour guide and accompanied to your hotel.  


Business language in South Africa is English, additionally they speak Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and severin other tribal languages.  


We offer you an interesting choice of safaris and excursions. It is recommended to book before your departure as in the peak season many safari lodges are booked up and you may lose valuable vacation time.  


Picking protected plants as well as catching protected animals is prohibited and – depending on whether it’s about plants and/or animals from private or public possession – lead to considerable prison sentence or fines. This also applies for unapproved export of plants or animals.  


Please deposit your money, jewellery as well as your documents in the hotel safe. Don't take too many things with you and take care of your handbag and camera. After sunset it is recommended to use a taxi instead of public means of transport. Working-class quarters should only be visited in company of a local guide.  

Electricity supply

The voltage is 220-230 Volt alternating current 50 Hertz. You need a three-pole adapter.  


Calling from Germany: 0027/local area network/subscriber; Calling to Germany: 0049/local area network without 0/subscriber  

Diplomatic missions

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Pretoria 180 Blackwood Street, Arcadia, Pretoria 0083, Tel.: +27 12 427 89 00/ Austrian Embassy: 454 A Fehrsen Street (entrance William St), Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181, P.O. Box 95572, Waterkloof 0145, Tel.: +27 12 4529 155 / Swiss Embassy: 225 Veale Street, Parc Nouveau, New Muckleneuk 0181, Pretoria, Tel.: +27 12 452 06 60  


Normally a South African waiter receives 10% of the invoice amount as tip. Of course not if the tip is already included in the invoice as it is done in some touristic areas. Your travel guide receives about 10 RAND if you liked his service during a day excursion. Hotel staff like maids receive about 10 RAND a day, the safari driver about 50 RAND and if there’s also a guide or ranger you should also give him about 50 RAND. At petrol stations there’s often an employee helping you, he receives about 2 RAND. If he also cares for windscreen washing etc. you should give him about 5 RAND.  

Return trip


Most of the return flights to Germany leave Johannesburg in the evenings. We recommend to call the airline 1-2 days before departure to let them confirm the time of departure. Please keep your passport ready for your return flight.