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Why Namibia?

The holiday paradise Namibia awaits you with its multifaceted animal kingdom, exciting adventures during safari and total relaxation at the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Let yourself be inspired by the wides of the Namib desert and discover the unique hospitality and friendliness of the natives.
We sure have the appropriate offer for your dream journey to Southern Africa!


Namibia’s popularity has lots of reasons:

– easy availability with only little time difference +1 Std.
– very good flight connections by direct flights with Air Namibia from Frankfurt
– uncomplicated entry regulations: validi passport, visa can be received in Germany
– an exquisite cuisine with traditional African influences
– versatile whole-year destination with a beautiful nature and rich animal kingdom – tailor-made for everyone
– courteous and friendly people


Good travel time:
January, February, March, December
Best travel time:
April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Tips before your Departure


You as well as children need a passport which has to be valid for at least six months after your departure and must contain two free pages. Germans are allowed to travel without a visa for short term stays of up to 90 days per year for touristic or business purposes (not taking up work). A toll-free entry stamp (Visitors Entry Permit) is issued on arrival at all official border stations. Normally the validity is limited to the planned duration of stay which is looked up from the date of departure. It is strongly recommended to check immediately upon arrival, that enough days for your stay have been granted. Overdrawing your stay permit – even if it’s accidentally – can lead to drastic impositions. Embassy of the Republic of Namibia; Reichsstr. 17, D-14052 Berlin; Tel: +49 – (0) 30-254 09 50  


Besides sunscreen and your personal first-aid kit we recommend medicine for diarrhoea due to the climatic change. At the moment, no immunization is required. A valid yellow fever immunization is demanded for all travelers older than 1 year who enter Namibia from a country infected with yellow fever. It is not necessary when arriving from Germany. The Department of Foreign Affairs also recommends immunization according to the latest immunization schedule of the Robert Koch Institute for children and adults. Please consult your doctor, also with regard to malaria prophylaxis. An insect repellent, e.g. Nobite or Antibrumm, should be part of your luggage. Medical attendance in Namibia is good, especially in the capital Windhoek. There are several private hospitals according to European standards for patients. But also in smaller and remote towns you will find either a small hospital or a First-Aid station. We also suggest you invest in a travel health insurance, and will be happy to inform you about it.  


The local currency is the Namibian Dollar  

Time Shift

Time shift is + one hour.  


The climate in Namibia is mostly dry and humidity really low. Normally it is well-tolerated if you pay attention to drink enough water (at least 2 – 3 liters a day). Inland, temperatures in winter (May till September) reach about 25 degrees during day, during night it cools of – in some areas there might even be sub-zero temperatures. During summer (November till April) temperatures rise over 30 degrees during day and cool off to about 20 degrees during night. In these months you can also reckon with rain and shouldn’t go hiking between 11 am and 3 pm if possible. It is often windy at the coast, sometimes foggy, the temperatures are normally moderate.  

Luggage / Clothes

Light summer clothes of cotton and sturdy shoes are recommended. In the mornings and evenings, especially in the Namibian winter, it can be severely cold and temperatures differ greatly. This is why we recommend to dress and undress according to the multi-layer principle. Also in summer, a warm jacket is necessary. Please also remember to take enough film and photo material as well as binoculars. Sunscreen with high sun protection factor and good sunglasses are an absolute necessary. Please take an extra folding travelling bag for your safari, so that your other luggage can stay at the hotel.  

Day of Departure


You reach Windhoek comfortably with Air Namibia or Condor from Frankfurt. We will be glad to advise you on prices for flights in Comfort/Business Class. For a fee of € 40, - we can reserve your preferred seat. We can also reserve a parking place at the airport in advance.  

Security advice

Please note that you have to be at the check-in counter of your airline at least two hours before your departure. We will be glad to send you some information on your airport. Please remember not to pack any sharp objects into your hand luggage like nail scissors etc.  

Your travel Destination


After arriving at your airport in Namibia you will be welcomed by your tour guide and accompanied to your hotel.  


The official language in Namibia is English. Besides Bantu- or Khoisan languages, the main part of the population speaks Afrikaans, several also German. The natives should never be photographed without explicit permission. It is forbidden to photograph the president, airports, the military, the police and the ensign.  

Plastic bags

Please note it is forbidden to bring plastic bags into the Namibian National Parks.  

Safaris / Excursions

We offer you an interesting choice of safaris and excursions. It is recommended to book before your departure as in the peak season many safari lodges are booked up and you may lose valuable vacation time.  


Please deposit your money, jewellery as well as your documents in the hotel safe. Don’t take too many things with you and take care of your handbag and camera. After sunset it is recommended to use a taxi instead of public means of transport.  

Electricity supply

The voltage is 220 – 240 Volt alternating current. You need a three-pole adapter.  


Calling from Germany: 00264 / local area network/ subscriber Calling to Germany: 0049 / local area network without 0 / subscriber  

Diplomatic missions

German Embassy Windhoek: 154 Independence Avenue, Sanlam Centre, 6. Stock, Tel: +264-61-273100 Honorary Consulate Austria: Teinertstr. 2, Windhoek, Tel.: +264-61-375652 Consulate General Switzerland: PO Box 9298, Eros/Windhoek, Tel.: +264-81-1279388  


In hotels and restaurants, the tip is included into your invoice. If you have been satisfied, you should give a little tip.  

Return trip

Departure / Check In

You will be picked up at your hotel in time and brought to the airport.    

Your opinion is important to us!

As our guest satisfaction is paramount we always try to keep our quality, standards and the satisfaction of our guests as our main goal, and we welcome any kind of proposal or constructive criticism. We would therefore be glad if you could take your time and fill in our feedback questionnaire after having returned from Africa. All returned questionnaires will participate in a drawing for a journey to Kenya!   We wish you an unforgettable stay in Namibia!