Mozambique, the country full of African authenticity, says "Boas-vindas"!
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Why Mozambique?

The luxurious holiday country stands for 2700 km of beaches and lonely island worlds, not to forget the spectacular snorkelling and diving paradises around Tofo or south of the capital Maputo. In beautiful national parks you may watch lions, elephants, hippos, antelopes and zebras during game drives.


Mozambique’s popularity has lots of reasons:

– easy availability with only little time difference (+ 1 hour during winter)
– ideal combination possibilities with safaris in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana
– uncomplicated entry regulations: visa available in advance
– more than 2.500 km of nearly untouchted coast
– Breathtaking beaching for the ideal bathing holidays

Travel Season

Good travel time:
January, February, March,October, November, December
Best travel time:
April, May, Juni, June, July, August, September

Tips before your Departure


For a stay up to 90 days, Germans and Austrians need a passport that has to be valid for at least 6 more months after leaving the country. A child ID is only valid with photos and shall have at least two free pages for visas. You have to apply for a visa at one of the Mozambican diplomatic representations before your departure, the current visa costs are 50,- US $ per person. Inhabitants of other countries should ask for their respective entry requirements at their responsible Embassy.  


Besides sunscreen and your personal first-aid kit we recommend medicine for diarrhea due to the climatic change. When entering Mozambique through a country declared as yellow fever endemia area you need the certification of a valid yellow fever inoculation. Beyond that, no immunizations are required, but please ask your doctor or local health authority before departure. In addition we suggest you invest in a travel health insurance, and will be happy to inform you about it.  


Currency is the Mozambican New Metical.  

Time Shift

There is no time shift during the European summer, in winter +1 hour.  


The country belongs to the tropics borderlands and has a pleasant climate due to its height. But in the plains it can partly be hotter. The best travel time is from April to October with pleasant day temperatures and intense cooling at nights. The rain season with high temperatures is from November to March.  


For safaris please think of clothes in muted colors, long trousers, long sleeves, headgear as well as comfortable shoes. Please also remember to take sunscreen and insect-repellant spray. During some months it is quite cool in the early mornings and evenings and summerly warm at daytime. Especially when driving to the high plateaus you should take warmer clothes. Dress code in bathing hotels in Mozambique can be called casual.  

Day of Departure


At the moment there are no direct flights from Germany to Mozambique. The most important airport is Maputo which can be reached from Germany e.g. via Johannesburg (with South African Airways) or via Addis Abeba (with Ethiopian Airlines). Also the airport at Inhambane is quite important and can be reached via Maputo or via Johannesburg. We will be glad to advise you on prices for flights in Comfort/Business Class. For a fee of € 30, - we can reserve your preferred seat. We can also reserve a parking place at the airport in advance. We recommend to call the airline 1-2 days before departure to let them confirm the time of departure. Please keep your passport ready for your return flight.

Security Advice

Please note that you have to be at the check-in counter of your airline at least two hours before your departure. We will be glad to send you some information on your airport. Please remember not to pack any sharp objects into your hand luggage like nail scissors etc.  

Your travel destination


After arriving at your airport in Mozambique you will be welcomed by your tour guide and accompanied to your hotel or you will directly start your safari.  


The official language in Mozambique is Portuguese, but besides there are about 40 other African languages like Makua or Changana that are spoken.  

Round trips/Excursions

By land or by sea: The landscape and animal kingdom (especially under-water) of Mozambique have a lot to offer. We offer an interesting choice of round trips and excursions and will be glad to advise you. It is recommended to book before your departure as in the peak season many safari lodges are booked up and you may lose valuable vacation time.  


Please deposit your money, jewellery as well as your documents in the hotel safe. Don't take too many things with you and take care of your handbag and camera. After sunset it is recommended to use a taxi instead of public means of transport. We recommend to not import or export any local currency. Please have a look at the latest information of the Department for foreign Affairs.  


The export of animals and plants that are protected according to the Washington wildlife conservation agreement is only allowed with on presentation of the referring import or export documents and partly even prohibited according to federal state law (e.g. crayfishes, shells).  

Electricity supply

The voltage is 220 – 240 Volt alternating current, 50 hertz. It is recommended to bring a universal adapter.  


Calling from Germany: 00258/ local area network/subscriber; Calling to Germany: 0049/ local area network without 0/subscriber  

Diplomatic missions

German Embassy: Rua Damião de Góis 506, Maputo, Tel.: +258 21 48 27 00 Austrian Embassy (represented by the Embassy in South Africa): 454 A Fehrsen Street (entrance William St), Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181, P.O. Box 95572, Waterkloof 0145, Tel.: +27 12 4529 155 Swiss Embassy: Av. Ahmed Sekou Touré 637, Maputo, Tel.: +258 21 32 13 37  


Tip is generally not expected, even if in touristic areas a tip of 10-15% in appreciated.