Kenya – the pearl at Africa’s East Coast – says “KARIBU” (Swahili for “Welcome”)

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Why Kenya?

Surrounded by the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, snow-white beaches, often with offshore coral reefs, invite you for a unique beach holiday. Furthermore, a great variety of fascinating safaris may be combined with interesting excursions to the inland.
Kenya is well suited for a guided tour of small groups, for example a round trip with a minibus, an air safari or tailor made safaris and organised day trips.


Kenya’s popularity has lots of reasons:

  • easy availability with only with only little time difference + 2 hours (in the summer + 1 hour)
  • very good flight connection by direct flights from Condor
  • uncomplicated entry regulations: valid passport, visa available in advance
  • an excellent cuisine with traditional African and authentic Indian influences
  • versatile whole-year destination with fascinating nature and animal kingdom – tailor-made for everyone
  • courteous and friendly people
  • a 400 km long white sandy beach at the Indian Ocean: bathing, diving, snorkelling, surfing – multifaceted beach fun

The best travel time

Travel time:
March, June, October
Best time to travel:
January, February, July, August
Green Season:
April, May, November
Partial Green Season:



With effect from 01st July 2015, Visas can be applied for online before arrival to Kenya. You can apply for visa on the website or Please register online as a visitor, the payment can be done by credit card. After a handling time of maximum 7 days you will receive your visa online in your account. Please print the visa and present it together with your passport (validity of 6 months beyond departure date is required) upon immigrations control at the airport. You can still get your visa on arrival at the airport and there also might be several companies in your home country who offer visa services and which can do the application for you for small handling fees. A valid flight ticket for your exit is mandatory for your entry to Kenya. Children with age under 18 years do not pay a visa fee but will need a filled visa form. For children with other family names as their parents we recommend to bring a copy of the birth certificate or other documents to proof the familiar relationship.

With effect from 28th August 2017, plastic bags are banned in Kenya. There are large fines for everyone who brings them into the country after this date.  

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Markgrafenstr. 63, 10969 Berlin; Tel: +49 (0)30 25 92 660

Besides sunscreen and your personal first-aid kit we recommend medicine for diarrhoea due to the climatic change. At the moment, no immunisation is required. It is recommended to take malaria-and typhus prophylaxis. Please consult your doctor. An insect repellent, e.g. Nobite or Antibrumm, should be part of your luggage. There are several hospitals in Mombasa and Nairobi with European standards. Due to the fact that there is no national insurance agreement with Kenya, medical costs are often not cared for. We therefore suggest you invest in a travel health insurance, and will be happy to inform you about it.

The local currency is the Kenyan Shilling. Credit cards are accepted in nearly all hotels. We advise you to change money directly at the airport or at the exchange office of your hotel. Tips are preferred in Dollar, Euro or Kenyan Shilling. 

Time shift
The time shift is two hours in winter and one hour in summer.

Mombasa has a tropical coastal climate and is an all-year destination. From November till mid-April it is normally dry. But in May the rainy season with rain showers begins which may continue until June. But even then normally there is no continuous rain and the temperatures at noon are around 30 degrees. The months June till October offer the most comfortable temperatures for the mid-Europeans. In the highland there is a pleasant and balanced climate which may be compared to our temperatures during midsummer. Nairobi is located in the tropical climate zone but offers a very pleasant climate for Europeans due to its altitude. The average annual temperature lies around 19 degrees. The warmest month is March with an average of 20,5 degrees, the coldest one is July with an average of 16,8 degrees. Most of the rain falls in April, least in July.

Luggage / Clothes
Light summer clothes of cotton are recommended. For a safari you should think of comfortable shoes as well as a warm pullover for the evenings. Please also remember to take enough film and photo material as well as binoculars. Sunscreen with high sun protection factor and good sunglasses are an absolute necessary. Please take an extra folding travelling bag for your safari, so that your other luggage can stay at the hotel. In some hotels, amongst them Severin Sea Lodge, men should wear long trousers for dinner.


You reach Mombasa comfortably with Condor from many German airports. There are also direct flights to Nairobi from Germany, and you may fly there from many European airports as well. We will be glad to advise you on prices for flights in Comfort/Business Class. For a fee we can reserve your preferred seat. We can also reserve a parking place at the airport in advance.

Security advice
Please note that you have to be at the check-in counter of your airline at least two hours before your departure. We will be glad to send you some information on your airport. Please remember not to pack any sharp objects into your hand luggage like nail scissors etc.



After arriving at your airport in Kenya you will be welcomed by your tour guide and accompanied to your hotel.

Kenya’s national language is Swahili, business language is English. The natives should never be photographed without explicit permission. It is forbidden to photograph the president, airports, the military, the police and the ensign.

Safaris / Excursions
We offer you an interesting choice of safaris and excursions. It is recommended to book before your departure as in the peak season many safari lodges are booked up and you may lose valuable vacation time. 

It is our main goal to reconcile tourism with the environment. This is why we take part in many projects in active environmental protection. You help to preserve Kenya’s sensitive coral reef by not taking along or buying any sea shells, corals or starfish. Within the whole country it is strictly forbidden to sell animal trophies, furs, teeth or ivory. 

Please deposit your money, jewellery as well as your documents in the hotel safe. Don’t take too many things with you and take care of your handbag and camera. After sunset it is recommended to use a taxi instead of public means of transport.

Electricity supply
The voltage is 220 – 240 Volt alternating current. You need a three-pole adapter.

Calling from Germany:  00254 / local area network/ subscriber
Calling to Germany:  0049 / local area network without 0 / subscriber

Diplomatic missions
German Embassy Nairobi:  Williamson House, Ngong Road, Tel: 712527
Local branch German Consulate:  Mombasa, Nyerere Rd. Palli House, Tel.: 314732
Austrian Embassy Nairobi:  P.O. Box 30560, Tel.: 02333227
Swiss Embassy Nairobi:  International Life House, Mama Ngina Street, Tel.: 02/287735-6 

In hotels and restaurants, the tip is included into your invoice. If you have been satisfied, you should give a little tip. Stewards and maids receive about KES 250,- per person per day. You should give your safari driver about KES 500,- per day. 


Departure / Check In
Normally, the return flight to Germany starts in the morning. You will be picked up at your hotel in time and brought to the airport. 

Your opinion is important to us!
As our guest satisfaction is paramount we always try to keep our quality, standards and the satisfaction of our guests as our main goal, and we welcome any kind of proposal or constructive criticism. We would therefore be glad if you could take your time and fill in our feedback questionnaire after having returned from Kenya. All returned questionnaires will participate in a drawing for a journey to Kenya! We wish you an unforgettable stay in Kenya!