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30 Jun

Coronavirus: Information on the current situation

Dear customers & guests,

the topic of coronavirus is very present, especially when it comes to travel and holiday planning, and understandably many questions arise.

The situation is changing daily and there is constantly new information in the media regarding the spread and associated restrictions. Nevertheless, we would like to keep you looking forward to your holiday and inform you in the best possible way.

The fact that the threat does not occur locally in Africa at the moment, but now emanates from us, is a relatively new situation. In this course we are now confronted with increased entry controls and regulations. In order to assist you in your decision regarding your travel wishes or your upcoming trip, we have compiled some facts and sources of information for you here:

Severin Travel Africa – Your German Tour Operator
As soon as you have booked your trip with a German tour operator, you are comprehensively covered by German travel law. It is very accommodating and offers you a high level of security in many matters concerning the Corona situation.

We have also already relaxed our travel conditions for certain trips and would be happy to advise you on this. Should you have any concerns about travelling, please contact us. For this reason, many of our local partners have now adjusted their booking conditions, are much more flexible and offer, for example, free postponement of trips to a later date in case of justified concerns.

Many trips, especially to safari areas, take place far away from urban centres, where you can enjoy the unique nature and wildlife. In addition, various countries in Africa are much less densely populated than here and therefore also carry much less risk in case of a local spread of the virus. At present, all our target areas are still completely free of confirmed corona cases except for a few diseases in South Africa and are therefore much safer than our daily environment in this country.

Federal Foreign Office (
Should the German Foreign Office issue travel warnings for any destination areas with regard to the coronavirus, we will inform you immediately. Depending on when your trip is due to start, we will refund the full price of your trip in the event of timely travel. For medium-term trips we will monitor the situation closely. A long-term
However, development is not yet foreseeable.

  • Certain of the spread of COVID-19 and related rights in international aviation and travel with the same responsibilities in public life are being warned against undisclosed tourist trips after conscious warning.
  • All airports will be closed until July 6, 2020 for legal international air traffic. There are exceptions for return and rescue flights.
  • The obligation to wear a mask applies in public and in cars / public transport. Private cars may only be filled with 50% of the approved seats.
  • From the establishment of corona wards in local hospitals to the training of laboratory staff: in many African countries, Germany stands by solidarity with fast and concrete measures against the pandemic.

Robert Koch Institute (
Here you will find extensive information, especially regarding individual precautions such as hand hygiene.

Your safety and the smooth execution of your trip are our highest priority. Therefore, we keep a close eye on the situation for you and are in constant contact with our local colleagues to ensure that you can travel without any restrictions.

  • Since the beginning of the COVID 19 outbreak, the Center for International Health Protection (ZIG) has been actively supporting the crisis response at national and international levels.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests. As your experts for Africa travels we are always at your disposal.

Your team from Severin Travel Africa

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